How to Apply for a Tax ID in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an exciting place for new businesses. Employment rates have remained steady for the past five years, and the state boasts the country’s eight fastest growing household income statistics. In fact, the forecasted job picture indicates that Wisconsin will soon be 23rd in the nation for business and employment opportunities. As the state motto would have it, you and your new company are ready to show the world that you are “Open for Business”.

You’ve created a business plan, you have all your marketing materials prepared, and you’ve spared no expense in making sure that your business debuts with its best foot forward. All you need is a Wisconsin tax ID number. Your Wisconsin EIN, also known as a tax ID, allows you to perform such mission critical tasks as hiring new employees, filing taxes, and even opening a business bank account. A business’s tax ID is like its social security number in that it provides legitimacy, security and identity.

Simplified EIN Paperwork Through GovDocFiling

If you’re not sure how to get a Wisconsin tax ID number, GovDocFiling can help by offering a more simplified tax ID form. To get started, make sure you have a government issued identification number, like a social security number. Also, be prepared to provide a valid email address and business address. When you are ready, click on “Apply for a Tax ID Number”. Select the entity type that your business best identifies with. If you are not quite sure how to classify your business, we provide a brief survey to point you in the right direction. Once you have selected your entity type, complete the simplified submission form. Lastly, submit a one-time government processing fee. Within one hour, your tax ID should arrive via email to the address your provided.

If you’re open for business in other states and need an Iowa tax ID number or an Idaho tax ID number, let us help you with EIN and other government document services.

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